Quick setting high elastic rubber asphalt waterproof coating

I. product name (quick setting high elastic rubber asphalt waterproof coating)

Spraying quick-setting high elastic rubber asphalt waterproof coating, is composed of two components - A component (polymer modified asphalt) and B component (hardener) using special coating equipment for mechanization construction coating, spewed into the fan after cross, when the polymer modified asphalt coating collide with the setting accelerator, accelerator destroyed the polymer emulsion and the charge stability of the emulsified asphalt, make its rapid demulsification, salting out water, instantly condensed into A polymer film.

Ii. Product advantages

1, high efficiency, good coating abnormity, damp base construction, construction capacity of more than 1500 ㎡.

2. Tensile resistance: the elongation at break of the product can reach more than 1800%, the tensile strength can reach more than 1MPa, and the recovery rate is higher than 95%, which can solve the problems of various structures due to stress deformation, expansion cracking, puncture and so on.

The tensile strength can reach more than 1MPa

3, puncture resistance: spray film, can form a high strength waterproof film, with excellent puncture resistance, cough up resistance, tear resistance.

4. Aging resistance: it contains uv aging resistance agent and a higher proportion of functional polymers, which endow the product with excellent aging resistance. Under the condition of artificial accelerated climatic aging treatment and ultraviolet treatment for 250h, the tensile strength retention rate reaches more than 95%

Adhesion: the adhesion strength with concrete base reaches more than 0.5mpa.

5, peel: can be sprayed on different base, and concrete bonding strength is not less than 3.0n /mm, and wood and metal plate is not less than 2.0n /mm, attached to concrete, wood and metal and other materials surface, no layer, no peel, no fall off, play a good role in protecting the base.

6. Corrosion resistance: excellent acid, alkali and salt resistance. When placed in an acid, alkali and salt environment for 168h, the tensile strength retention rate reaches more than 95%, and the elongation at break is higher than 800%.

7, high temperature resistance, resistance to high temperature of 180 degrees) has excellent low-temperature bending, but also has excellent high temperature resistant performance, according to the needs of different regional engineering, adjust the low temperature flexibility between 40 ℃ to 15 ℃ to -, and meet the needs of engineering, product temperature above 160 ℃, can be applied to roads and Bridges, as well as high hot strip waterproof engineering.

8, environmental protection, the product in the construction and use, do not use organic solvents, non-toxic tasteless, no waste.

Iii. Product selling points (differentiation)

1, suitable for all kinds of material base and heterosexual structure layer

2, can be used alone in the underground and roof low cost

3. Large area of mechanized construction with daily construction capacity of 1500 square meters.

4. There are few domestic manufacturers and the competition is not fierce.

Iv. Scope of application

The product can be widely used in building foundation, kitchen and bathroom and roof waterproof, all kinds of reservoirs, subway, tunnel and culvert, water conservancy facilities, road and bridge waterproof and lining. V. construction process

The construction technology

1. Product construction process flow chart

Machine and tool preparation, material preparation, base treatment, detail construction, spraying construction, quality inspection, quality acceptance, finished product maintenance, protective layer construction.

Special note:

Base treatment :(1) the base should be firm and smooth, without any phenomenon of looseness, sand and peeling; (2) the base shall be clean and free from floating dust, oil stains and sundries; (3) the base can be damp, but there must be no water.

Detail strengthening treatment: all detail nodes must be strengthened before spraying. Mainly is the root of the Yin and Yang Angle, deformation seam tool column and so on, the use of coating method construction, divided by coating, the tire body reinforcement material should be sandwiched in the middle of the coating, paving solid adhesion, not empty drum, not warped edge.

Vi. Common quality problems and prevention and control in construction

Easy to block, prevention and cure: regular professional maintenance is required, thickness is not easy to control, prevention and cure: mature construction gunner is needed; Easy foaming, prevention and cure: must reach the required thickness at a time.

Figure 5: uneven spraying is easy to bubble

Vii. Combination with other materials and cost-performance analysis

Generally used alone (there is no case of combined use with other materials at present), the spraying thickness is 1.2-1.5mm (-20 degrees), can reach the secondary waterproof standard, 1mm spraying thickness dosage of 1.8kg. Viii. Construction effect description

1. The joints of pile head, yin-yang Angle, detail, etc. and the special-shaped parts can be formed into a film to achieve the waterproof effect of complete closure. The whole part is smooth and the color gradually turns black.

2. Instant curing after spraying for 5 seconds, and a large amount of water precipitation;

3. Instant film-forming achieves a certain stretching effect;

4, surface strength depending on the weather 4-8 hours, completely dry need 7 days

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